The world of cryptocurrencies is growing and expanding around the globe: every second, a new cryptocurrency is launched on the network and they have become a revolution in terms of payments and commercial exchanges via the internet.

The birth of cryptocurrency began 1998 and gained popularity in the year 2013 due to the vertiginous ascent of Bitcoin value. Since 2020, there have been an increase of many cryptocurrencies value and thanks to this, its use has become an excellent way to enhance payments and operations due to its high sustainability.

During this last decade, a wide variety of new cryptocurrencies of different origins and commercial value have been created, thus generating an infinite number of payment methods for businesses.

This has led to innovations and introduction more digital solutions including milestones achieved in the #blockchain Ecosystem. Some of the milestones and recent innovations include the THE ELVENLAND CLUB.

What is Elvenland?

Let’s know about Elvenland!. Elvenland is a blockchain project based on the Tron cryptocurrency, being the first project based on this cryptocurrency in the world. Elvenland is a conglomerate of 26 high-performance cryptocurrency projects, where each one is symbolized by a letter of the alphabet, and each coin is developed by a team of specialists in the field for its development and growth to increase its value.

Each of the 26 cryptocurrencies that make up this platform is intended for a service or product aimed at the public, such as advertising platforms, social networking platforms, investments in education, and many more. Let's look for example the "Justa" coin symbolized by the letter "J" is used to pay those users who are dedicated to giving good reviews of the quality of Elvenland products; and the "Magio" coin, symbolized by the letter "M", is used to pay "inventors" or "alchemists" who provide new ideas and improvements in Elven land.

In this way, the main Elven Land project grows and expands with the smaller projects of which it is composed.

One of the main currencies that this project is composed of is the "INTRO" currency, whose use is intended for those who wish to enter by participating in the Elvenland project, as we will explain below.

What is INTRO?

"Introduction" and is considered "the ice-breaker" coin. This coin is paid to those users who invite other people to join Elven Land or if a user wishes to share his coins with those who are participating or show interest in the project.

If a new user is invited to the Elven land project, their reward for entering through an invitation or for information found on the web, will be paid in "INTRO". This coin, as well as the remaining 25 coins, can be transformed in the JustSwap decentralized exchange system to convert them into another coin.

In conclusion, one of the coins that are part of the Elvenland project is the INTRO coin, a coin of great value and usefulness for those who wish to get to know Elvenland better through an invitation or referral from a friend.

Elvenland promises to create a new era in the world of cryptocurrencies, since being based on the Tron cryptocurrency, its use and applicability and its release to the market will be more favorable and this will create a revolution in the use of this type of electronic currency.

I hope that with this information you can have a brief idea of what the Elvenland project is, its components, what it is about, as well as how and what the INTRO coin is for, one of the main projects that make up the Elvenland platform.

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