Aim Higher, get better, and in response;

‘Dream makes our Reality’

Do we Love? or we beat life so hard and end up in guilt?

But who dreams of guilt and have a guilty reality.

A new day, new era, Recent revolution in Mira’s Face of Doctrine.

Motivational ups and hopes for a deep soul Freedom.


Physically, to Mira, “Freedom Mira” is nearer, but super-lost as a bearer of cups of burden.

She exhales in a loud voice “HUNT FOR FREEDOM, EXPOSED TO LEGIONS”.

Flewn first class, flewn private jets, rode foreign cars, still, puzzles to impress, no rest and after spending’s in the church, she thought life be better but still depressed.

What do we aim at the mention of Grace, Eternal Salvation or room for more sex, addictions, and more hails of ails and complicated aims.

One time perfection is real but the reels in the cycle of personal deception and sin consistency cannot explain the baseline in the conception of Grace

An undeserved appointment, Preserved justification
. Promotion served to sonship,

Its unmerited Favour.

So whenceforth cometh the liscence to more sin and its consistency when the difference is clear.

Why are we so drowned In unsatisfied plessure, that brings pressure to this measure of treasures granted to us from the most Ultimate.



Once saved, saved for life cannot be a purpose of an evil most High.

Mis-identity has made us porous like an exposed wi-fi and switched our Hotspot to cold. Bold enough to motivate efforts and the end there-in is death.

Imagine your God as a baby, passed through all human process, mocked, abused, crushed, beaten and all these to achieve your eternal freedom.

A shameful process, but in its sence, its worth it.

a loud IT IS FINISHED was the aim of His coming.

Who I was and Who I am,

Who I am and Who I want to be does not connect when He (Christ) has made you Him.

Dead to Sin, One with Him.

And at the end, Love Wins.


Intentional sane Craft.