Following its official global launch, KeplerSwap plans to launch public sales on 26 Sept. It's a worthwhile moment to wait. Let's Share certain ways you can benefit from KeplerSwap.

Lots of expectations and events currently taking place to visualize how worthwhile the Project is gonna be.


The growth of a blockchain-built alternative financing ecosystem is the largest crypto story ever heard of.

The centralized system has defined the financial eco-system as an authoritative pattern beyond corrections.

Solutions offered by great minds has gone forth more than expectations, but results of this new trend…


Every dealer who has survived the lengthy period of cryptography's ups and downs must have gotten familiar with terms like arbitrage, leverage, futures, APY, APR, AMM, p2p, protocols, Testnets, mainets, and more techy words involved in the space, not withstanding risks involved in taking decision…

Future & Price Prediction for $SDS.

As the cryptocurrency market becomes more and more popular, more and more coins emerge which are designed to create a profitable investor's niche. One of them is the kepleswap coin which was developed behind DeFi's great success.

It's a good idea to take due…

Virtue in visions & $SDS future.

DeFi has a multiplicity of advantages. As Ethereum is always up, DeFi is up," says Lex Sokolin of blockchain software firm Consensies, co-head of decentralized protocols. "The ability to lay then is composability."

This means that on a blockchain you can program various applications…


As after 48 hours, which saw many assets shed half of their value, the crypto market licks its wounds, the question arises: Where does DeFi from here?

The DeFi movement was created from an unbanked or at least difficult banking mission. A diverse community, from MoonBoys to…


There is a growing crisis economy, where you may borrow, buy, earn interest and more. The Argentinean Crypto-Savvy have employed DeFi to escape paralysis. Companies have begun to webcast their salary in real time for employees. Some people even have taken out and paid…


The world of cryptocurrencies is growing and expanding around the globe: every second, a new cryptocurrency is launched on the network and they have become a revolution in terms of payments and commercial exchanges via the internet.

ElvenLand makes partnership breakthroughs

ElvenLand has entered a new era. Apart from its products which have been well –received on the market, it has forged strategic partnerships.

In fact, the ElvenLand team believes that partnerships are one way of reaching many people around the crypto space. …


Why the Elven Coin Project is a darling for many investors

Since the introduction of Bitcoin, it has attracted the attention of investors and hucksters alike. The cryptocurrency ecosystem is characterized by thin liquidity and few institutional investors, but it is also rife with criminals and scammers.

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